MA-S160:Stereo Power Amplifier


100W/8ohms x 2ch, 300W/8ohms x 1ch (BTL) Reference Dual Monaural Power Amplifier (100Wx2) for Audiophiles, Division Power Amplifier for Bi/Tri Amplifier System
Dual Monaural Construction with Independent Power Supply
  • Each amplifier channel is completely separate from input to speaker output.
  • This construction ensures total independency of each channel and enables exceptional sound quality that is fast and crystal clear.
  • Completely independent Floating Power Supply strongly and safely support high speed digital amplifier operation.
Original Bi-Phase PWM Amplification for Audiophile Quality Sound
  • Latest Bi-Phase PWM (3-Level PWM) Amplification ensures superb sound quality in moderate power range.
  • Achieves superb resolution and linearity from minimum to maximum output.
  • Dual (Analog & Digital) NFB ensures isolation from AC Power Voltage fluctuation and stable amplification.
DC Amplifier Configuration
The DC amplifier configuration ensures rich, clear musical scale bass and strong powerful presence.
Elegant Cosmetics, Quality Finish, and Superior Parts
  • Ultra thick (Max. 10mm) Aluminum Front Panel
  • Solid Aluminum Construction for High Vibration Damping
  • Gold Plated RCA Pin Jacks : Inputs
  • Gold Plated Speaker Terminals : 2-Way type (Banana Compatible)
  • Solid Aluminum Knobs
  • Cosmetics designed by world famous GK Industrial Design, Inc.
Independent Volume Control for Maximum Channel Separation
Offers individual level balance adjustment with maximum channel separation.
DC 12V Trigger (Input & Output) for Remote Power ON/OFF
Power Switch can be turned ON/OFF by control equipment.
Environmentally Friendly
a.High Efficiency (Amplifier and Power Supply)
  • 85%/at rated output 100W/8Ohms (cf.Conventional Amplifiers:30-40%)
  • (cf.Conventional Amplifiers:30-40%) 60%/at normal music listening level 12.5W/8Ohms (cf.Conventional Amplifiers:5-8%)
b. Compatible to ROHS directive


Rated Power Output 100W x 2 : @8Ohms 
160W x 2 : @4Ohms
THD 0.05% (@50W/8Ohms/1kHz)
Frequency Response DC - 20kHz (+0dB/-0.5dB) / (8Ohms)
DC - 50kHz (+0dB/-3dB) / (8Ohms)
Channel Separation >70dB (20kHz)
S/N Ratio
Input Sensitivity 1V
Input Impedance 100kOhms (Fixed), 47kOhms (Variable)
Power Consumption 60W
Mat.Outer Dimensions
11-1/16 " x 2-3/8 " x 11-3/8 "
(281 x 60 x 290 mm)
Weight 9 lbs 3oz (4.2kg)

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