Audiophile Quality Preamplifier Perfect for Single to Multi Division Power Amplifier System
Elegant Cosmetics, Quality Finish, and Superior Parts
  • Ultra thick (Max. 10mm) Aluminum Front Panel
  • Solid Aluminum Construction for High Vibration Damping
  • Gold Plated RCA Pin Jacks
  • Solid Aluminum Knobs
  • Cosmetics designed by world famous GK Industrial Design, Inc.
Simple Operation and Versatile Connectivity
  • Full Manual Operation
  • Designed for high level sources: CD Players, DVD Players, HDD Recorder/Players and ……
DC 12V Power Trigger Output for Remote Power Amplifier Control (2 for L/R ch separate connection)
Power Amplifier can be controlled by PA-S1 if PowerAmplifiers have DC Trigger Input.
Newly developed Active Volume Control Circuitry with Single Pole Amplifier
Life like Performance.
Ultra wideband DC~100MHz
Ultra low noise S/N Ratio:127dB(IHF-A)
Ultra high speed Slew Rate 1,500V/μs
Newly developed Active Volume Control Circuitry ensures the constant sound quality at any Volume Position, and achieves no current at the contact of Volume Control to avoid sound deterioration.
No mechanical contact on signal path
Active Control circuitry enables accurate volume control by eliminating contact electrical losses and protects against sound quality deterioration by removing influences of characteristic changes, enabling high quality sound enjoyment at any output level.
Environmentally Friendly
Compatible to RoHS Directive
Connectivity for multi amping system
Input (Stereo) INPUTS 3 RCA Pin (Gold Plated)
Output (Stereo) REC OUT 3 RCA Pin (Gold Plated)
PRE OUTS 3 RCA Pin (Gold Plated) for
Bi/Tri Amplifier Connection
1 Balanced
(Gold Plated) for Distance Connection
to Power Amplifier or Active Speaker
Precision Mechanical Volume Control for Traditional High Quality Audiophile Sound
#27 type High Precision Potentiometer.
Strong Power Supply ensures source signal content and musical excellence
  • Flying Mole Switching Power Supply ensures speed and accuracy in any musical passage.
  • Designed to drive up to 8 Power Amplifiers (6 Unbalanced and 2 Balanced connections).


THD 0.005% (5Hz - 100kHz)
Frequency Response DC - 100kHz (+0.6dB/-0.6dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio 100 dB
Residual Noise 10 μV
Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance 10kOhms
Output Level 1V
Output Impedance 1kOhms (Balanced/ Unbalanced)
Power Consumption 8W
Mat.Outer Dimensions WxHxD 11-1/16 " x 2-1/8 " x 10 -7/ 8 " (281 x 60 x 277 mm)
Weight 8 lbs 5oz (3.8kg)

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